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How we teach acupuncture

How we teach Acupuncture

We’ve been teaching acupuncture in Canada for more than 40 years. We recruit our faculty from health professionals who practice across disciplines and across the country. All of our instructors are skilled educators who teach a standardized curriculum.

Unique approach

Our anatomical approach to teaching acupuncture makes it easy to integrate into Western health practices. Blended learning allows students to conduct their study online with the benefits of in-person, hands-on training in their own province.


Once you’ve completed the online component of your course, you and your colleagues will develop your practical skills onsite with our expert instructors. You’ll enjoy the advantage of working with faculty and students from multiple disciplines. The networks you connect with here will benefit both your practice and your patients.

Advanced classes

Our advanced classes lead to outstanding clinical successes with your patients: add additional acupuncture points to your repertoire for the treatment of specific injuries and conditions, or apply the guiding principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to your diagnosis and treatment plan.

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