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Physicians, dentists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, TCM doctors, TCM practitioners, baccalaureate-level registered nurses, occupational therapists and naturopathic doctors, who have been licensed and are in good standing to practise in their health profession are welcome to train with Acupuncture Canada.

Course Completion, Cancellation, Refund and Transfer Policies

Course Cancellation:

Acupuncture Canada reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule any of its courses and to change the dates and venues. Registered students will receive a full refund, or may choose to re-schedule to another course at no extra cost to them.

During COVID-19, due to public health restrictions, we sometimes have to postpone the scheduled onsite portion of courses until such time as it can be offered safely. These courses have not been cancelled. The onsite component of these courses will be rescheduled. Once new dates are announced, if a student is unable to attend, we will transfer them to a future offering of the course. We are not issuing refunds for students who have started the courses, meaning the online theoretical component. The online components will stay open and accessible while we wait for new onsite dates, and we encourage students to use the time to study and practice palpation skills and location of acupuncture and trigger points. Our goals are to keep students and instructors safe while offering quality skills training, and to keep the organization healthy into the future.

No Refund for “No Show”:

Courses include an online and onsite component. Both components are essential to each course and the course is considered to have started at the online start date. Students must begin the online component of their course within one week of the online start date. If students have not logged on to the online component of the course within one week of the online start date, students are considered a “no show” for the course. There will be no refunds for a “no show” by the student.

Student Cancellations:

If students want to cancel registration in a course, they must do so at least three weeks before their online session or course start date. Students will receive a 50% rebate on their tuition if more than three weeks’ notice is given to cancel. If less than three weeks’ notice is given to cancel registration in a course, tuition fees are not refunded.

If less than three weeks’ notice is given to cancel, and Acupuncture Canada is able to fill the cancelled spot with another student from a waiting list, then a partial refund (50% rebate) will be given. But with less than three weeks’ notice, a partial refund will only be given if your place in the course can be filled by another student on the waiting list. Otherwise, tuition is forfeited.

To cancel registration in a course, please contact the Acupuncture Canada office at 416-752-3988. You will also have to login to the Acupuncture Canada website and access your course list, and cancel your registration online.


Should a registered student be unable to participate in a course and wish to transfer to an upcoming course, notice must be given in writing to Acupuncture Canada at least three weeks prior to the start date of the online component of the course. There will be an administrative fee of $150.00 + GST/HST as applicable. Transfers are only applicable within a two-year time span. If less than three weeks’ notice to transfer is given, an administrative fee of $250.00 + GST/HST as applicable will be charged.


Should a student become ill and therefore unable to attend the course, that student is required to forward a note from his/her physician to substantiate the illness within the 7 days following the online start date of the course. That student will be transferred to the next available course in their region with no transfer fee.

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