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ACC Designation

Earn your ACC designation (Acupuncture Canada Certification) with Acupuncture Canada. There are two levels of the designation depending upon the courses and examinations successfully completed from the Core Program.

Upon successful completion of the Level I Examination, students are awarded an ACC, Level I certificate.

Upon successful completion of the Level II Examination, students are awarded an ACC, Level II certificate.

The CAFCI designation is no longer awarded. However, the designation is still recognized and used by many practitioners.

Acupuncture Canada’s program is purposefully flexible to allow professionals the opportunity to complete the training and examination required by their individual regulator for entry into practice. For example, most chiropractors in Canada require 200 hours of training plus an examination before being able to practice. Our Core Program offers 200 hours of training with follow-up exams – the ACC Level II certificate. Some physiotherapists are required to complete the AA1 and AA2 courses plus examinations before being able to practice, so those professionals can take those two courses and complete the Level I Examinations to satisfy their regulators’ requirements.

If you have questions about what training you need to take, it is best to contact your regulator. And then, please feel free to ask us how our program can help you to reach your training goals.

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