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BTCM: Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine

In BTCM: Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, you will explore the fundamental concepts in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Various theories will be discussed including the concept of Qi, Yin and Yang, etiopathology and principles for diagnosis and treatment. You will apply your knowledge in the selection of acupuncture points and protocols for treatment. Expert faculty in the field of TCM will guide your learning.

What You Will Learn in BTCM: Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Apply the holistic view of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to guide clinical practice.
  • Apply therapeutic guiding principles of TCM to diagnosis and treatment.
  • Use TCM diagnostic method to assess the patient.
  • Identify protocols related to TCM diagnosis.
  • Select acupuncture treatment based on TCM diagnosis.


Acupuncture Canada Membership plus Clinical Applications in Anatomical Acupuncture (AA2) course has to be completed. If you are participating in an onsite session of the course in a province in which you are not licensed, you may require a courtesy registration. Please contact the regulatory college in the province where the onsite session is taking place to confirm their requirements. Please review our cancellation policy before registering.

Course Fee

$1349.00 plus applicable taxes

Please review our cancellation policy before you register. If you are pregnant you will need to bring a partner to be needled in your stead at the onsite session. Please contact the Acupuncture Canada office to make arrangements. If you are attending a course in a province where you are not licensed to practice, you may need a courtesy registration. Please contact the local regulatory college where you are going for your training.


AA4: Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine


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