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Physicians use acupuncture because it is gratifying to perform a simple, safe, effective treatment that reliably relieves pain, induces relaxation and improves energy.

It is liberating to treat or manage pain without concerns about addiction. It is also comforting to have the ability to offer effective treatment to suppress withdrawal symptoms for those who are addicted to a wide range of substances.

The Acupuncture Canada program began in 1974 and has been carefully nurtured and honed over the years.

The online portion of the program gets one started, first by introducing academic papers that offer neurophysiologic explanations for acupuncture’s efficacy. These not only make sense, but they can re-kindle or enhance a physician’s interest in understanding how the body works, because they include exciting new information. The program is skillfully constructed to allow one to gain enough knowledge to begin to use carefully chosen acupuncture points and see results quickly.

Adding acupuncture to your toolboxes can make the practice of medicine very satisfying.

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